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Our Flavors

Spicy Sonoran

Spicy Sonoran is 64% cocoa, cinnamon and cayenne chili. The perfect cup of Mexican Hot chocolate in a bite.

Jalisco Jalapeño

Jalisco Jalapeño is 31% cocoa butter, cinnamon and Jalapeño. The silky smoothness blossoms into cinnamon, vanilla, cream and butter then ends in smoldering sweet heat of jalapeno. Remarkable.

Smokey Joe

Smokey Joe is 73% dark rich chocolate that envelopes the tongue then sweetens as the chili transforms the flavor to a heated smoky finish.

Salty Señorita

Salty Senorita is 64% of perfectly balanced chocolate and sea salt.

Holy Mole

Holy Mole! darkest at 78% cocoa.
Ancho chili, spices, salt and pumpkin seeds. Savory and warm finish.

Las Abuelas

Las Abuelas is 73% of rich silky cocoa with Pasilla Negra chili. A hint of raisin flavor with the mildest spicy finish.

Carolina´s Chocolate Spicy Sonoran Almonds
Spicy Sonoran Almonds

Spicy Sonoran Almonds start with cinnamon and end with heat and a crispy crunch.